311 how can we clean up

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Department Of 311 City Services

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Poster and Video Contest. This year, we invite all elementary, middle and high school students to help promote environmental stewardship by designing a poster and/or video that.

About Link. Q. What is LinkNYC? LinkNYC is a new communications network that is replacing New York City pay phones with state-of-the-art kiosks called Links. Thank you, sponsors, partners, volunteers, and participants for making Baynanza a success.

Recycling cart collection

This year it was exciting that Baynanza participants were able to assist with Vizcaya's Biscayne Bay Drift Card Study; Please continue to do the shore thing and keep Biscayne Bay clean all year long. Energy. Twenty-four seven access to reliable energy in Miami-Dade is critical to power buildings, equipment and vehicles that we depend upon every day.

Energy. Twenty-four seven access to reliable energy in Miami-Dade is critical to power buildings, equipment and vehicles that we depend upon every day.

311 how can we clean up
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