How to properly write an address with apartment number

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How to Address an Envelope

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How to Address an Envelope for an Apartment

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How to Address an Envelope With International Mail

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How to list your apartment address properly on a resume

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Correct Way to Address a Business Envelope

How do I edit a response? Write your signature just beneath your closing and leave four single spaces between your closing and your typed full name, title, phone number, email address, and. Write the full name of the recipient as the first line of the address.

Positioning the first line slightly above the center of the envelope to give yourself enough room for the complete address. Write the street address or post office box number for the second line.

Go with that sort of format (the 20 represents the building number, 5 represents door number, 1F1 represents 1st floor 1st flat) and you should be okay.

For bonus points, it's an idea to have "P. Ground - 20/5 1F1" on your door, just to help your postie a bit.

How to properly write an address with apartment number
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