How to teach my child to write a story

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Make It: Rag Quilt for Baby

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Your Child Write a Story

When it comes to learning to read, parents' advice on reading with your baby, pre-reading skills and phonics will help you give your child the best start. Research indicates the importance of teaching children phonics as a preliminary step for learning to read.

Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds as well as the understanding of how those sounds connect to form words.

10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read

Below are some suggestions to help your child start working on their short story. Start by reading short stories to your children or students. By doing this you are showing them what a short story is and helps them to start thinking about what type of story they would like to write.

My three oldest children are boys. My wife and I enjoy their energy and enthusiasm for life. However, we have also experienced the frustration that comes when they have struggled to control their anger and expressed it through tantrums and hitting. After the child has had a chance to read the story aloud and make some changes to it, have him or her write a “final” version of the story that is illustrated and turned into a book, complete with a title, a cover, and the name of the author.

How to teach my child to write a story
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10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read - I Can Teach My Child!